Artbot Setup Instructions for Pisanello

1. DM Andrei and let him know you are setting up a bot for Pisanello!
2. Set up a Twitter account using your phone number and follow the activation steps.

  • Pick a username similar to Pisanello or Pisanello.
  • Add Artist's name, description, location and the link to their Wikipedia page. Please follow the format used for @artistmonet, the bio should look something like this:
  • Fan account of Pisanello, a fancy pants artist best known for his nocturnal scenes of urban landscapes. #artbot by @andreitr.
  • Add an avatar image and a cover. We usually grab all that from the artist's Wikipedia page.
  • You are done here!
  • *** Optional step if you want us to manage this account. Set the email address to and DM Andrei for the verification code.
3. Log into Off The Easel using the newly-created Twitter account.
4. Create a new Twitter Channel.
5. Click on Public Collections and enter Pisanello in the search filed.
6. In the search results, add the Pisanello collection to the bot by clicking on the icon.
7. That's it! DM Andrei and let him know the bot is ready!

** If you want us to manage this account then we'd need the Twitter login info. We will make sure your phone number and other personal information is removed and your bot will join the ranks of the artbots!.


Medal: Leonello d'Este
Medal: Leonello d'Este
Medal: Gianfrancesco I Gonzaga
Medal: Gianfrancesco I Gonzaga
Medal: Don Iñigo d’Avalos
Medal: Don Iñigo d’Avalos